The ocean needs us,

just aswe need it.

Eco-Conscious Diver is a community, learning resource center, lifestyle brand and podcast, illuminating our paths to Eco-Conscious Diving, overall sustainability and healthy planet for future generations.

As divers and ocean lovers,

shouldn't we be the  best advocates for a healthy ocean and planet?

In the midst of climate uncertainty, it's time to redefine what it means

to enjoy nature, recalibrate our measurements of progress,

and dream up the world that we do want for our lifetimes

and the generations after us.

I hope you'll join me.

With gratitude from your host,

Caitlin McCall

Eco-Conscious Diver (n):

One who scuba dives or free dives with a consciousness for the environment.

In pursuit of the vision of a healthy ocean planet, the Eco-Conscious Diver is inquisitive in exploring the root causes of our ecological crises, drawing upon scientific knowledge.

The Eco-Conscious Diver is motivated by love for the ocean and feels called to help realize this vision of our world—one where people care for the environment and learn as much as we can about other species in order to protect them.

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