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Eco-Printable LogBook Pages

I've heard many a diver complain about having to purchase additional dive log filler pages after their open water training course. The filler pages contain common information areas to record general information about the dive (environment, dive type, dive activities, conditions, tidal, weather, temperature, visibility, weights, exposure suit) and also include an extra 'Eco-Summary' area to record important notes on whether you remembered reef safe sunscreen or had a teachable moment with a fellow diver, i.e. teaching something about the environment or eco-dive practices, and more.
This dive log filler page has been designed to include areas to record information for repetitive dives along with recording enriched air (nitrox) information. Each of the dive log filler pages has been designed to be printed in duplex (front and back) mode on a 8.5" x 11" plain white paper. The template will create four (8.5" x 5.5") dive log filler pages from one (1) 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. We even included a reference line to cut the pages once they have been printed.

Feel free to download the templates and use them when you need additional filler pages for your log book. Print several pages and share them among your diving buddies so they can practice eco-conscious diving too!
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