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What past students have said...

"It was a great day. Caitlin gave great lectures and then we were able to visualize the corals we talked about as well as the effects of bleaching. It was applied knowledge and I won't forget it."

-Seth G.


"I loved learning about the different types of corals, how they are structured, and all of the ways we as humans have a negative impact on corals. I loved learning [Caitlin]'s background in diving and [her] life experiences lead [her] to where [she is] now, it's very inspiring! I also loved that [she] took photos of us during the dive!"

-Melissa Z.

"I encourage everyone who can to sign up for this course. Caitlin is one of my former students who earned her AS degree in Marine Environmental Technology from the College of the Florida Keys. Her courses are engaging and entertaining, yet scientifically substantive."

-Dr. Alex Brylske

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