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Eco-Conscious Diving: Must-Have Products

For a sport that takes a great interest in our blue planet, there sure are a lot of plastic and reef-toxic products, and not a lot of eco-conscious alternatives. Now, more than ever, where we spend our dollars projects who and what we support. We choose to support brands and products who care about more than just their bottom line.

Eco-Conscious Diver has put together our top picks, just for you, with love for the planet.

The mission:

To create the safest, most effective sunscreen on the planet.

Face + Body Lotion is available in a recyclable/reusable tin. Enjoy the same serious full body sunscreen without the plastic.

Shop Raw Elements© Sunscreen

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Ocean Bottles make perfect plastic-free dive boat thirst quenchers.


With the sale of every Ocean Bottle, the collection of 11.4kg of plastic is funded, equivalent to 1000 bottles before it enters the ocean and improve social mobility at the same time. 

Shop Ocean Bottles

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Barrel Bag makes the perfect clean-up bag for your BCD pocket.


The goal: provide the easiest way to store and remove litter from the land and coastal waterways by offering a compact, sustainable cleanup bag to outdoor enthusiasts.

Shop Barrel Bags


The world's first renewable, non-neoprene wetsuit.

The Yulex® natural rubber wetsuit is tapped from hevea trees that can produce rubber for up to 30 years; it replaces conventional, nonrenewable neoprene.

Shop Patagonia® Wetsuits


Ladies, Girls That Scuba Has Our Back.


Having long hair and diving should be a sport unto itself. That's why GTS has put together a beautiful Whale Shark Dive Hair Set. All packaged and sent 100% plastic-free without swing tags or any unnecessary waste.

Shop Girls That Scuba® Set

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Wolven Threads® makes sustainability sexy.


OEKO-Tex Certified Recycled P.E.T. is an innovative, versatile fabric created by breaking down plastics into fine yarns that can be woven into textiles and apparel. Breathable, incredibly soft, and durable.

Shop Wolven Threads® Swim


Don't get left behind!


Although not inherently eco-friendly, this GPS is built to last and is a MUST HAVE if diving in an unfamiliar area or any drift dive. It could absolutely save your life. We recommend every diver has one on them.

Shop Nautilus Waterproof GPS


Bia donates a percentage of their dive watch proceeds to organizations working to give women the support they deserve to be independent, educated, healthy, protected, and valued.

Use code 'Caitlin20' for 20% OFF!

Shop BIA (dive) Watches


Eco-Conscious Living: Must-Have Products

Using eco-conscious alternative products in your everyday life is just as important as using them while in the water. We choose to support brands and products who care about more than just their bottom line and we hope you'll love our recommendations!

Eco-Conscious Diver has put together our top picks, just for you, with love for the planet.

Hemp fabric is super comfortable, breathable and gets softer with every wash.


Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly and can help save the planet. Hemp is the prefect fabric for your organic underwear and hemp bra. 

Use code 'Caitlin10' for 10% OFF!

Shop Hemp Underwear

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Monos is Climate Neutral Certified!


The certification they've earned is the standard for companies achieving net zero carbon emissions, and Monos is proud to be the first luggage brand to join this community of industry leaders putting climate change solutions into action, globally.

Get $25 OFF by using this link:

Shop Monos Luggage

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Brilliant Earth goes way above and beyond in terms of sustainability!

Recycled precious metals, Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds that have been selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins, lab diamonds, and they're also carbon free!

Shop Brilliant Earth jewelry

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